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  • 2 hours
  • 300 US dollars

Service Description

PLEASE READ BELOW FOR INDEPENDENT KIT PURCHASE INSTRUCTIONS AND COUNSEL LEVEL II. 🗝️ Your genetic code holds the key to personalized medicine, tailored to help you feel better and thrive. 📶Your genes combined create an impact. These are designated as a pathway, with several genes working together with ease or difficulty. Per highest impact pathway, you’ll receive the top 3 lifestyle, top 3 nutrition, and top 3 targeted nutrient interventions to optimize health in this pathway, specific to your system. 📍You receive results for the top 3 impact pathways. Working with a practitioner allows us to navigate your entire blueprint to correlate how symptoms and diagnoses may be approached to optimize your health based on you personal DNA. You may be prone to migraines, have difficulty losing weight, brain fog, injury prone, chronic inflammation, addiction, mood imbalances, anxiety and so much more. You may also want to optimize your athletic performance. We learn where in your system there are obstacles revealed by your DNA and may begin to promote more efficient functioning using the blueprint mapping. 🗺️ PURCHASE YOUR 3X4 TEST KIT HERE: UPON RECEIPT OF YOUR KIT, SCAN THE QR CODE USING YOUR PHONE. THIS WILL WALK YOU THROUGH STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS TO PAIR WITH PRACTITIONER, COMPLETE THE SAMPLE AND REGISTER YOUR KIT. **SAMPLE BEST OBTAINED IN MORNING BEFORE ANY FOOD, DRINK OR BRUSHING. PLEASE ENTER PRACTITIONER CODE: MSTO001 WHEN PROMPTED, TO RELEASE REPORT FOR CONSULTATION. LEVEL II: MEET WITH DR. MEAGHAN VIA ZOOM TO RECEIVE GENETIC PATHWAY-BASED RECOMMENDATIONS BROKEN DOWN INTO SPECIFIC, ACHIEVABLE TASKS: CELLULAR, SYSTEMS, CARDIOVASCULAR, ENERGY, ACTIVITY, NUTRIENTS (NUTRIGENETICS AND NUTRIGENOMICS) -INCLUDES PERSONALIZED "THE STORY OF YOU" 3X4 GENETICS PRINTABLE SLIDES -PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS INCLUDING SUPPLEMENTATION TO ADDRESS ALL TOP PATHWAYS (Designated HIGH, VERY HIGH, no limit on pathways) -ALL HIGH PENETRANCE GENES BROKEN DOWN INTO PLAN OF ACTION (These may fall into any pathway, LOW to VERY HIGH) -BONUS EPIGENETIC REGIMEN FOR SLEEP, SPIRIT, AND SPECIFIC TOXINS -BELIEFS SURVEY -OPEN EMAIL FOLLOW UP **ALL TIME INDICATED WILL BE ALLOTTED FOR THIS APPOINTMENT IN PREPARATION AND IN SESSION.** Note: This is not a medical service. Medical services are performed in person at a patient's request and consent.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that the Client cancels an appointment greater than 24 hours prior to a scheduled appointment, a full refund will be issued. In the event that the Client cancels an appointment 24 hours or less prior to a scheduled appointment, 50% of funds will be refunded. In the event that the Client does not show up to an appointment, Meaghan Stoinski reserves the right to charge the client 75% of the session payment fee. The above refund policies may be disregarded in the event of an emergency.

Contact Details


22245 Pontiac Trail, South Lyon, MI 48178, USA

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